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 You lack visibility over your insurance data and reporting levels do not meet your requirements. Some of your processes have not been streamlined and do not enable you to collect the information you need. You wish to implement IT solutions but you do not have the time and/or qualified staff to do this. Or perhaps you already have an information system that you wish to optimize…


We assist medium-sized and major companies in the set-up and implementation of the IT solutions best suited to their requirements.


Assistance and consulting services regarding the implementation of Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS)
  • Audit of your existing software solutions
  • Identification of your needs in terms of information systems
  • Selection of the information system best suited to your requirements / optimization of software solutions already in place
  • Steering of the implementation of the selected solution
  • Assistance with software publishers at each stage of solution implementation
  • Change management within your subsidiaries and more generally with all users
  • Integration of the implemented solution within our processes
Information and reporting
  • Communication of clear information
  • Creation of customized reports
  • Real-time access to your insurance data administered in our back offices
  • Implementation of web tools dedicated to the consolidation and communication of your insurance data
Breakdown of complex premiums
  • Analysis of your premium breakdowns
  • Streamlining and optimization of existing breakdown calculation tools
  • Creation of tailor-made premium breakdown tools


Steering the implementation of your Risk Management Information System (RMIS)
SIACI SAINT HONORE provides you with a Project Management Assistance consultant dedicated to your project. Each consultant is experienced in the RMIS market. Your contact will guide you in the selection of a software solution that best meets your needs, then will assist and advise you at every stage of your project: analysis and design, qualification, pilot implementation, implementation, ongoing maintenance, project management, etc.
Optimizing information flows and where necessary the implementation of your RMIS
Many companies already have a RMIS. When its implementation is properly managed, we work with you to integrate your RMIS within our processes. For example: if capital is raised through your RMIS, our Property Department will use your RMIS as the basis for capital, to calculate a premium, produce a certificate or to prepare for a risk assessment. If this is not the case, SIACI SAINT HONORE assigns a Project Management Assistance consultant in order to audit your RMIS and assist you in optimizing its implementation.
Meeting your data requirements
SIACI SAINT HONORE offers its clients tailor-made statistics and reports. To do this, we work with you to identify your requirements in terms of what you wish to get from your data. This means that we act upstream of the management of your insurance data. Our back offices will be configured according to your requirements (e.g.: acknowledgement of your claims type). Once this is completed, we select the best tools to streamline the production of these documents which will be issued to you according to a timescale you select.


A comprehensive vision
Our team works within our business lines and in close cooperation with our claims teams. This position enables us to obtain an operational vision of your insurance data and a perfect understanding of your requirements in terms of data management and consolidation.

An experienced team to assist you
A team of ten data experts with an average experience of twelve years in project management assistance and project management and of almost fifteen years in business intelligence: we are genuine experts in project management assistance, project management and business intelligence for non-life insurance.

Around twenty projects related to RMIS and new technologies
Our daily relations built on trust with many software publishers ensure you enjoy a high-quality service and responsive assistance.. 

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A dedicated team of 12 specialists
Experts in project management assistance, project management and business intelligence
Around twenty projects related to digitalization