Protecting your assets and liabilities

Captive management

Which risks threaten the financial performance of your company with potential repercussions on your profit and loss account and equity? Which risks are difficult to insure on the conventional insurance market?
Does your company wish to optimize its insurance budget and cut the cost of protecting its risks? With the emergence of new risks and the rise of corporate governance, risk management must be controlled and financed.

Risk and Reinsurance Solutions SA (2RS), a subsidiary of SIACI SAINT HONORE, is there to assist you in the selection of optimum solutions (captives, insurance, reinsurance, alternative risk transfer, etc.) in order to finance conventional and/or unconventional risks that may affect your company’s assets.


We assist major companies and mid-caps, from mass distribution and industrial manufacturing to the energy and financial sectors, to implement insurance / reinsurance captives domiciled in different places.


Feasibility studies
Feasibility studies are decision-making tools that enable you to assess the advantages and costs of setting up a captive undertaking.
Risk and Reinsurance Solutions SA (2RS) conducts such feasibility studies including:

  • An analysis of your risks,
  • A detailed business plan according to different risk scenarios,
  • Balance sheets, estimated income statements and cash flows

Captive management
Once the captive undertaking is created, it must be managed in strict compliance with regulations, with technical monitoring of subscriptions, the establishment of financial statements and monthly/quarterly and annual reports together with continuous improvement proposals and initiatives for this management.

Audit and optimization
Following a period of adaptation, the various parties involved in the captive undertaking (its Board of Directors, Risk Division and Financial Division) have perfect control of the tool and strive to give new impetus to its risk financing strategy. Captive diagnostics may be relevant to review the role of the captive undertaking and its position, and to study potential means of optimization.


Risk and Reinsurance Solutions SA (2RS) assists you by providing a dedicated team covering all the technical and financial aspects required for the completion of the feasibility study and the administration of the captive undertaking in strict compliance with governance and risk management requirements.


An independent entity based in Luxembourg
Risk and Reinsurance Solutions SA (2RS) is based at the center of financial activities in the City of Luxembourg, and is also present in Zurich through its subsidiary 2RS Switzerland GmbH and in Malta (in partnership with Jardine Lloyd Thomson and a Maltese insurer). It is also represented in Ireland and present in France.
Our center of expertise is in Luxembourg as is our decision-making body, which ensures the company’s independence. This expertise is attested through a client portfolio of around fifty captive undertakings with various geographic origins: France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg and also Africa and South America.

A dedicated team serving your development
The services offered by the dedicated team are based on technical added value, which means:

  • The provision of expertise complementary to that of your broker and insurer partners,
  • Experience of key accounts,
  • Continuous improvement initiatives and proposals.

Your dedicated team works within a structure on a human scale, in which team spirit and client culture ensure permanent availability devoted solely to your development.