Protecting and retaining your employees

HR Consulting

A combination of expertise to improve your economic and social performance:

  • Culture & Management - Social Strategy
  • Talent Development
  • Global Compensation
  • HR & TRS Communication
  • Commitment & Quality of Life at Work

A multidisciplinary approach that creates value


Uniting employees around a corporate project

Our approach to making your culture a major asset:
  • Describe and explain your current corporate culture and create a culture of shared management
  • Define the target culture and associated values and identify appropriate behaviors
  • Strengthen managerial skills by identifying and developing the right management styles for the context
  • Develop collaboration and provide team-building experiences Supporting change


Supporting change

Our team of former HR directors and experts in the social engineering of economic change has developed a strategic approach to improve the contribution made by HR to overall company performance.
  • Social restructuring
  • Social audit
  • Communication & social relation
  • Forward planning of the age pyramid
  • Revitalization
  • Employment policy
  • Reindustrialization
  • Mergers and acquisitions consulting


Devleloping skills and employability

As the rate of change accelerates in organizations and business lines, developing employee skills is a key challenge. We help you express the potential of each one of them throughout their lives and reconcile employability with the needs of the company.
  • Definition and evaluation of behavioral skills as predictors of success
  • Innovative descriptions of your roles for better communication on the business lines, promoting mobility and empowering your workforce to play an active role in their employability
  • Customized skills development programs
  • Assistance with the forward planning of your skills base (workforce planning)


Defining and rolling out your total reward policy in France and abroad

Make your remuneration policy a lever for commitment and performance
  • Audit, develop and communicate yourglobal compensation strategy
  • Evaluate responsibilities and measure performance to formulate equitable and motivational policies
  • Assist with the implementation of key programs
  • Optimize your variable remuneration schemes
  • Harmonize and align your compensation practices
  • Deliver C&B change and support skills development
  • Structure the compensation of your Managers

Support internationalization:
  • Optimize international mobility practices
  • Define, optimize and enhance your international mobility practices 
  • Remodel your expatriation policy on the basis of a “local +” strategy
  • Define an approach to the localization of reward packages
  • Formulate international C&B policies
  • Create international mobility packages


Enhancing your HR policies and your employer brand

Promote HR policies in France and abroad:
  • Share and give new meaning to the corporate project
  • Involve line management
  • Support change
  • Encourage commitment and generate loyalty

HR communication:
  • Strategic and editorial advice
  • Graphic design by our integrated studio
  • Creation of eye-catching media, websites, interactive PDFs, brochures, video animations, communication kits, personalized communication, and more...

Total Reward Statement (TRS):
  • Paper-based TRS
  • Digital TRS
  • International editions


Identifying your key levers of commitment

Our teams of experts offer a global approach that can be customized to suit your company:
  • Audit and Listen: Quantitative and qualitative assessment
  • Identify topics and prioritize against company performance goals
  • Define priority action plans
  • Experiment and engage: Mobilize means and resources
  • Drive and roll out: Measure ROI

Our benchmarking and research tools:
As an informed observer of corporate challenges and social practices, SIACI SAINT HONORE provides its clients with tools designed to:
  • be objective,
  • monitor trends,
  • promote cross-cutting dialogue between the company and academic research.

Benchmarking of employee benefits practices in large companies in France and abroad

Analysis of HR communication on global compensation policies, using the TRS

Reflection and research on social risks and the economic environment in France and abroad