Protecting and retaining your employees

Prevention and well-being

Employee health and well-being is a significant lever for the economic and social performance of your company. It is both a component of optimized risk management and of financial control (employee benefit costs, direct and indirect costs related to absenteeism). It has also become a requirement for companies, through the regulatory obligations they must comply with today.
Managing absenteeism is a key challenge in the improvement of a company’s day-to-day operations. SIACI SAINT HONORE assists you in the implementation of prevention plans that will contribute to your employees’ well-being while mitigating risk factors.


We design tailor-made prevention plans for:
  • Companies, to improve performance and ROI.
  • Employees and their families, to ensure the right balance between their working lives and personal lives, individual and collective performance, and assistance in career extension.


The implementation of prevention plans requires an iterative process that follows a proven method:
  • Diagnostics and design of the plan according to the company’s actual requirements and specific context.
  • Identification of expected ROI.
  • Negotiation with prevention service providers, to pool costs while offering each person the services they require.
  • Centralized management that includes both existing systems and specific requests in special cases.
  • Implementation of the prevention plan and change management to ensure employee endorsement and involvement.
  • Steering and reporting refined in line with uses, feedback and indicators defined during the diagnostics phase.
  • Adjustment of the prevention plan.


Determining the factors conducive to absenteeism
To assist you in the drafting of diagnostics, we use Business Intelligence tools. To act effectively on absenteeism and the range of reasons behind it, a statistical approach gives us a precise view of social and demographic profiles, thereby enabling us to conduct targeted qualitative analyses. We then work in close consultation with the HR, Insurance and Medical Departments, the Works Committee, the Health & Safety Committee and employee representatives in order to involve the company as a whole to foster progress and sharing.
Measuring the effects of prevention
State of mind and the working environment are key factors that can be leveraged to improve an employee’s health. We manage the plans very closely to measure precisely the effects of prevention: centralized management, reporting and governance committee, steering of partial and local initiatives and specific training modules.


An innovative, pragmatic and modular approach
In order to ensure that economic and social performance objectives are reached, we include in the plan all components that reconcile the company’s targets and employees’ personal objectives. Our modular approach involves pooling costs to offer an acceptable economic equation.
A specialized team using proven tools and methods
Backed up by our level of expertise, we offer you measures that can combine employee benefits and risk management..

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Key figures
1%  of absenteeism: 1%  of payroll
30% of employees believe that their health is affected by stress at work
68% of the active population develop a chronic disease
80% of the active population suffer from musculoskeletal disorders or lower back pain during their lifetimes